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This exclusive design is released to honor MMIWG2ST +
Stand for JUSTICE.

Why We Wear Red:
Because Indigenous womxn are 12 times more likely to be missing or murdered than all other womxn in “Canada”.

Because 84% of Indigenous womxn experience violence in their lifetime.

Because 67% of sexual abuse cases involving Indigenous victims were declined by US prosecutors between 2005-2009.

Because on some reservations the rate of sexual violence committed against Indigenous womxn by non-indigenous people is 96%.

Because in 2016 there were 5,712 known cases of missing and murdered Indigenous womxn but only 116 were logged into DOJ database.

Because so many Indigenous womxn, girls and two-spirit people go missing and murdered that know we have lost count.

For all this and more, WE WEAR RED.

Designed by @RBRTH

50% of the proceeds will be donated back to Land Back Healing Society.